VM problem

A couple of years ago i was up late and my heart was beating. After a move of a VM it didn’t boot up correctly. After som research i fund out that the vmdk file (virtual hard-drive) was corrupt. The horror was that this server was the domain controller.

Early the next morning i get a hold of my boss, the company’s CTO and i tell him what happened. He is calm, tells me ”that can happen” and he tells me to load the backup.


30 minutes later the machine was restored. That day i learned two things.

1 – His clam was transferred to me. He lead through example. That kind of boss is what i want to be.

2 – Backups are invaluable. If you think that you wont need any or that they are a costly investment, think again. There are systems like Veeam that is very easy to use, saves time and money.

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